Milberg Limited's Mission

Our mission is to serve a broad range of clients who are seeking to enforce their rights as consumers and stakeholders. We achieve this by working with and supporting our affiliate Milberg London LLP on the most high-profile and complex group litigation actions in England and Wales.


Who we Are

Milberg London LLP is an internationally recognized commercial law firm dedicated to defending victims of corporate and other large-scale wrongdoing. We are dedicated advocates for our clients and our renowned solicitors have a track record of running some of the largest, most complex, and high profile disputes in London, including the ground breaking multi-billion pound representative action on behalf of 4.4 million iPhone users against Google.

We are uniquely placed to tackle cases on behalf of groups of claimants against large institutional type defendants:


  • · We have commercial litigation pedigree forged on the biggest cases at the biggest firms;
  • · We have resources in place which allow us to work on flexible fee arrangements; and
  • · In Milberg Limited, our affiliate based in Peterborough, we have one of the largest client onboarding centres in the UK · dedicated to the fast and efficient engagement of new clients.

But more importantly, we care. Our team has a history of fighting tirelessly for the underdog and using every available legal option to hold wrongdoing corporations to account. We have learned from our involvement in hundreds of cases over the years that even the most revered corporations and individuals are capable of appalling conduct under the wrong circumstances and will often move heaven and earth to avoid the consequences of their actions. We are young and hungry and prepared to take on difficult cases against household names.

Milberg London LLP focuses exclusively on claimant litigation and group actions. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • · Data Breaches
  • · Commercial Litigation
  • · Financial Services Litigation (including mis-selling)
  • · Emissions Cheating

Bringing claims on behalf of a large collective is often the only viable route to achieving justice and holding corporations to account. We believe the Milberg London LLP platform is unrivalled in its ability to enforce the rule of law and proper standards of corporate governance.


Milberg London LLP is affiliated with Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP, a US law firm with its headquarters in New York City. Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP has a long history of defending victims of corporate and other large-scale wrongdoing. Since the firm’s founding in 1965, it has repeatedly taken the lead in landmark cases that have set ground-breaking legal precedents, prompted changes in corporate governance, and recovered over $50 billion in verdicts and settlements in the United States. Milberg London LLP, founded in 2020, has ambitions to emulate the same level of success on behalf of its clients in England and Wales.


About Milberg Limited

Milberg Limited is the claims processing arm of it’s affiliate Milberg London LLP based in London. The claims management team at Milberg Limited in Peterborough operate under expert managerial leadership and have extensive experience of working within the legal claims sector. Each of our team members are trained to the highest level in managing large volumes of data in a secure and GDPR compliant environment. Our claims team also have experience in working with a combination of bespoke and market leading CRM and other technology tools for the legal industry. Milberg Limited’s case aggregation capabilities together with an exceptional team of lawyers in London and the Milberg brand’s long standing success in the US, set us apart from other group action firms.

Our History

Global claimant law firm Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP (Milberg) announced in April 2020 that it would be expanding its global reach with key hires in London. Milberg Limited, together with leading litigators James Oldnall, Edward Cardington, and Polly Blenkin at Milberg London LLP, offer a high-calibre practice focused on group claims under the Milberg brand.


Milberg Limited's Team


Joseph Coombe-Boxall​

Operations Manager

Milberg limited's Team


Stephen Wells

Operations Manager

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Emma Johnson​

HR and Office Administrator

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Joseph Coombe-Boxall​

Head Of Intake and Client Response 

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